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Fiesta Mitsubishi Oil Change Service

Our expert technicians are factory trained to perform auto services, including engine oil change service.

Mitsubishi Oil Change in Albuquerque

You can bring your car to us at Fiesta Mitsubishi for reliable and efficient auto services by certified technicians. Our service center is located in Albuquerque, close to Carnuel, South Valley, Rio Rancho, and North Valley. Our expert technicians are factory trained to perform auto services, including engine oil change service. They follow Mitsubishi-approved procedures for auto service, making sure your vehicle gets the best in auto care. We are proud to have an inventory of OEM parts at Fiesta Mitsubishi for any new parts required by your Mitsubishi, including high-quality engine oil and filters.

Types of Oil Change Services

Conventional Oil Change

Conventional Oil Change

For certain types of engines, synthetic oil might not be suitable as the engines are not designed to handle the thinner consistency of synthetic oil. Using synthetic oil in engines that require conventional oil can cause severe damage to the engine due to leakage of the engine oil through gaskets and combustion chambers. You can talk to our expert technicians to determine the right engine oil for your Mitsubishi.


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Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change

A full-synthetic oil change provides the engine with the highest level of protection from friction and heat. Full-synthetic oil is engineered in a lab to deliver optimum lubrication to the engine parts. Full-synthetic oil has better chemical stability, evaporating rapidly in hot weather and not thickening in cold weather. If you live in a region with high or low temperatures, full-synthetic oil will deliver significantly better performance than conventional oil.


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Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

Semi-Synthetic Oil Change

For a more affordable option over a synthetic oil change, you can choose a semi-synthetic oil change service. It offers some of the benefits of full-synthetic oil, such as excellent lubrication for the engine parts. The proportion of synthetic blends can vary from one brand or type of semi-synthetic oil to another. At Fiesta Mitsubishi, we carry high-quality products for all types of engine oil.


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Service Interval for Oil Change

The service interval for an oil change depends on several factors such as type of engine oil, quality of engine filter, driving conditions, and more. As a first step, we recommend you follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation for oil change service. Our technicians can guide you on the ideal service interval for an oil change service if your vehicle has unique requirements.

Schedule a Certified Auto Service

To schedule an oil change service or any other type of auto service with us, you can call us or use the appointment scheduler on our Fiesta Mitsubishi website. The online tool allows you to view available time slots and recommended auto services for your Mitsubishi model.


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