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Fiesta Mitsubishi Tire Rotation Service


Certified Mopar Tire Rotation in Albuquerque, NM

Your tires can take a lot of beating as they roll across the roads of New Mexico. Whether it’s the well-paved highway or a dirt road deeper in the state, your tires take unique patterns of wear as they roll across the many surfaces you encounter as you drive. At Fiesta Mitsubishi, we provide tire rotations so that you can spread that wear out over all your tires and not risk over-wearing one tire or another.

What a Tire Rotation Entails

A tire rotation is about the position of the tires on your car. There are specific patterns for taking a tire and moving it to another position, depending on your vehicle. This often involves tires moving from the back to the front, and sometimes from left to right, or perhaps both. There are also patterns for vehicles carrying a spare tire so that your spare is introduced into the rotation as well. Our tire rotations will make sure no tire stays in the same place for too long.

How Rotating Tires is Helpful

Since each tire takes a unique pattern of wear based on where on the car it is, a tire rotation moves the tires around so that they experience a different pattern of wear. After four or so rotations (more if you have a spare), your tires will have each rotated through all of the four positions on your car, so they’ll all take, on average, the same amount and type of wear. That way, one tire won’t take more wear and wear out faster than all the others, and you save money on new tires.


When to Get a Tire Rotation

Since tire rotation protects your car’s tires from over-wear, it’s good to have them rotated on a regular basis. This means that every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you should be rotating your tires to make sure they’re taking a new pattern of wear. The key is to make sure each tire switches places before any single tire can take too much wear and become too worn to function as expected.


Tire Rotation Service


Come to Fiesta Mitsubishi for Your Next Tire Rotation

Tire rotations are the way that we help you save money on new tires, among other services. We’re the premier provider of Mitsubishi tire rotations in Albuquerque and the surrounding area, and we’re proud to help our community with this vital service. We also treat our customers to a complimentary multi-point inspection with each service visit, so you’ll get valuable knowledge about the needs of your vehicle. Set up your appointment online today!


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